Order Information


  1. Please go to “download” for related Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) of individual specific fish line. Please send signed MTA to ZCAS by e-mail for subsequent fish line shipping process.
  2. Requested fish line will be packaged in 10" x 15" plastic bag (0.1 mm thickness) containing 1 liter water and 10 pairs of adult fish. Extra oxygen will be added before sealing bags.
  3. Paramecia will be shipped in 600 ml bottle and the shipping time will be next day after ordering.
  4. Plasmid will be dotted on a 3MM paper and shipped by post office and the shipping time will be next day after ordering.
  5. Since all zebrafish will be examined by veterinarian of Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology for their health before shipping, regular shipping time will be every Tuesday and the package will be arrived on Wednesday. If Tuesday is a legal holiday, we will ship zebrafish on Wednesday instead.
  6. We use 7-11 shipping system to ship paramecia and zebrafish. Shipping fee will be paid by requested PI. Please go to http://www.t-cat.com.tw/Product/index.aspx for detail shipping charge for different sizes of package.
  7. During the initial running period, ZCAS imposes no charge for biological materials and plasmids.


  1. 特殊魚種需簽署Material Transfer Agreement (MTA),請在ZCAS網頁上”Download”下載MTA文件,並請先將簽名的MTA以電子郵件寄回ZCAS好處理後續斑馬魚的寄送。
  2. 斑馬魚包裝方式,使用10" x 15" 的袋子(厚度0.1mm),裝入1公升的水和10對斑馬魚,最後再灌入純氧打包。
  3. 草履蟲以600 ml保特瓶方式運送,運送時間為訂購的隔日。
  4. Plasmid 將點在3MM 濾紙以郵局寄送,運送時間為訂購的隔日。
  5. 因為需由細生所獸醫師檢查將寄送斑馬魚的健康狀況,因此斑馬魚運送時間統一為每個禮拜星期二運送,送達時間為星期三。若星期二是法定假日,則將於星期三運送。
  6. 草履蟲及斑馬魚的運送方式採用7-11到府宅急便,運費由收件人付款,包裹送達時,黑貓宅急便人員會向收件人收取運費。收費標準請上黑貓宅急便網http://www.t-cat.com.tw/Product/index.aspx
  7. 運作初期生物材料及質體部份暫不收費。

  Acknowledging Materials and Service  

Taiwan Zebrafish Core Facility at Academia Sinica (TZCAS) is supported by grant MOST 108-2319-B-400-002 from the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST). Please acknowledge the TZCAS and grant number in all publications resulting from the materials and/or services we are providing to you. Thank you.




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