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Plasmid 1: , Quantity( 5 μl )
Plasmid 2: , Quantity( 5 μl )
Plasmid 3: , Quantity( 5 μl )

Lab PI:
Phone / Cell phone:
Chinese Address:

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  1. 使用人應於使用本設施之服務前,上網填寫訂購單並送出,請於本中心網站(http://icob.sinica.edu.tw/tzcas/ )填寫訂單
    網站: Servicesà Order for Fish/ Paramecia/ Plasmid
  2. 跟設施人員確認需求後,物品會隔週後先行寄出。
  3. 物品的寄送是委託黑貓宅急便進行配送,統一於禮拜二進行寄送,使用者禮拜三即可收到。
  4. 本設施於確認訂購單,會e-mail寄送匯款帳號予使用人,通知繳費訊息,請使用人注意。
  5. 完成匯款程序後,並將匯款單據回傳至本中心信箱 Email: tzcas@gate.sinica.edu.tw
    匯款資訊: http://icob.sinica.edu.tw/tzcas/price.html
    網站: Related Information --> Price
  6. 收據將會用郵局掛號寄出,如果有特殊需求,請聯絡我們。



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Taiwan Zebrafish Core Facility at Academia Sinica (TZCAS) is supported by grant MOST 108-2319-B-400-002 from the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST). Please acknowledge the TZCAS and grant number in all publications resulting from the materials and/or services we are providing to you. Thank you.




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